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Visual Fault Locator/VFL 15Kms/laser light source/fibre(10mw Fiber Optic Testing Meter up 15km)
Easy to check fiber faults with visual red laser light FC, SC, ST General interface Sturdy and durable shell Constant output power Long inspection distance Operates in either CW (Continuous wave) or pulse (Both modes are available) Pen pattern design, convenient for use and carry Dust-proof design keeps fiber connectors clean Compact in size, light in weight, red laser output, both SM and MM available.


1. Central wavelength:650nm±10nm
2. Emitter type: LD
3. Output power: 10mW
4. Optical connector: 2.5mm universal connector
5. CW frequency: 2Hz
6. Power supply: 2 x AA Alkaline batteries(not include)
7. Operating temperature: -10~+60℃
8. Storage temperature: -20~+70℃
9. Dimension: 168mm*27mm

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