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  • The 3AN can also be used to split the external-antenna signal in booster/amplifier/repeater systems so that two external antennas can be aimed in four different directions, a situation that often arises when your system is shared by users served by different service providers.
  • 3 Way splitter is used in indoor coverage system an allocated average for CDMA/GSM/DCS/3G/4G. The Wide frequency range allows use with single or Multi-Band.Used in telecommunication application to split the one Input signal into 2 way.
  • The 3AN can be used to split the internal-antenna signal in booster/amplifier/repeater systems so that two internal antennas can be used to expand internal coverage. The 3AN is particularly suitable in conjunction with mobile amplifier systems where the SMA-type connector is the universal standard male connector.
  • When more gain is required by an external antenna, the 3AN can be successfully used to combine four directional antennas aimed in the same direction so that your total gain will increase.

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